Yamuna Expressway Authority Agreement To Lease

Now the authority has begun to offer ownership of these plots. The Government of Uttar Pradesh had established the Taj Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YEA), now known as the YAMUNA EXPRESSWAY INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY, for the implementation of the Yamuna Expressway project and related development in the region. It includes the execution of the Yamuna Highway, the acquisition of land for the construction of highways and the development of the region, and the preparation of a zonal plan for the planned development along the highway. Note: There may be changes in the process, as this is the status as of October 2019 and is based on publicly collected information. Please contact the customer service of the yamuna authority or a lawyer for more details. Answer: All plots allocated by the Yamuna Authority are on a rental basis. The 3 authorities of Gautam Budh Nagar 1) the authority of Noida 2) the authority of Greater Noida and 3) the authority of Yamuna allocate leased land for a period of 90 to 99 years, which means that they remain owners of the land and allocate land for rent and rental allocations on demand. Gautam Budh Nagar`s residential land is leased by these authorities for a period of 90 years. Rental properties cannot be divided into smaller pieces. 16. www.yamunaexpresswayauthority.com/agreement_to_lease.pdf. That all General and Special Conditions, as contained in the Authority`s brochure and letters of award, form part of this Agreement and, in the event of objection, the clauses of this Agreement or the Rental Agreement to be executed shall prevail.

In Q3 2009, the administration launched its first housing program. Applications were submitted for leasehold plots in sizes 300 Sq.Mtr., 500 Sq. Mtr., 1000 Sq.Mtr., 2000 Sq.Mtr. & 4000 Sq.Mtr. And the draw took place in October 2009 and about twenty-thousand plots were allocated by a drawing system in the different sizes. 1. A cover letter stating that you are a tenant of an xyz property and that you wish to make a lease. Ask for permission. The land on which the land is to be developed has been acquired by the authority. 1. Taking into account the partially paid premium and the final payment agreed by the Successful Bidder within the period provided for in ARTICLE 2 and in the manner indicated below, as well as the rent reserved herein and the obligations and provisions to be paid subsequently by the Successful Tenderer, which must be respected and fulfilled in each case, the Authority executes this Contract as a lease in favour of the Successful Tenderer, by which the whole parcel of land on which the base is provisionally named parcel no.

is numbered, exists. _______,_,____d___ which are provided and paid for a single lease of a lump sum of 10% of the total premium at the lowest of the execution of the rental item. Please note: Rs. 10,000/ – discount in the case of an Allottee 8 for women. That in the event of the death of the Successful Bidder after the execution of this contract, but before the execution of the act of rental, the legal heir(s) are entitled to the execution of the act of rental in his favor. In the event that there is more than one legal heir, they are free to enforce the rental title either jointly for the benefit of all the legal heirs or for the benefit of the legal heirs for whose benefit the remaining legal heirs do not object to the affidavit of execution of the rental notice. .