Fca Uaw Tentative Agreement

The UAW-FCA National Council will meet on December 4 to discuss details of the proposed interim agreement. If adopted as a provisional agreement, it will be sent to all ACF members for a ratification vote that will begin on December 6. The details of the capital investment will be interesting in the ACF`s proposed agreement. According to previous reports from Free Press, GM has pledged $7.7 billion in investments in U.S. manufacturing and the creation or maintenance of 9,000 jobs, and Ford has committed $6 billion and to creating or preserving 8,500 jobs. Such gains could contribute to the approval of the contract by the core members, which experts say could be a challenge. UAW-FCA members rejected a first provisional agreement in 2015. The deal includes $4.5 billion in large-scale investments previously announced by the FCA and UAW negotiators secured an additional $4.5 billion for investments totaling $9 billion, which create 7,900 jobs over the life of the contract, says Cindy Estrada, director of the union`s Chrysler Dept. A council made up of UAW residents` officials representing Chrysler workers across the country must approve the deal before it is submitted to members for ratification, a spokesman said. The union said the council would review the pact on Wednesday, December 4. The proposal comes two weeks after Ford workers ratified their agreement.