Wto Sanitary And Phytosanitary Agreement

Although import duties on many agricultural products have been reduced or adopted under preferential trade agreements, farmers in developing countries are facing new challenges in selling their products around the world. Technical requirements, particularly in terms of product hygiene and safety, have become one of the main barriers to trade for many manufacturers. Given that health and plant health measures can so effectively limit trade, governments in GATT member countries have expressed concern about the need for clear rules for their use. The objective of the Uruguay round to remove other potential barriers to trade has heightened fears that health and plant health measures could be used for protectionist purposes. All governments of WTO member states must have an investigative body, an office to counter and respond to requests for information on the health and plant health measures of these countries. These requests may be copies of new or existing regulations, information on relevant agreements between two countries, or information on risk assessment decisions. The addresses of the application points can be found here. Within the WTO, a special committee has been set up as a forum for the exchange of information between Member State governments on all aspects of the implementation of the SPS agreement. The SPS Committee verifies compliance with the agreement, examines issues that may have an impact on trade, and maintains close cooperation with the technical organizations involved. In a trade dispute over a health or plant health measure, the usual WTO dispute resolution procedures are applied and opinions can be sought from appropriate scientific experts. While the SPS agreement allows governments to maintain adequate health and plant health protection, it reduces the potential arbitrariness of decisions and promotes consistent decision-making.

It requires that sanitary and plant health measures be applied for purposes other than ensuring food security and animal and plant health. In particular, the agreement clarifies the factors to be taken into account when assessing risk risk. Measures to ensure food security and the protection of animal and plant health should, where possible, be based on the analysis and evaluation of objective and accurate scientific data. Technical barriers to CTA trade covered by the WTO agreement on technical barriers to trade. References to the previous GATT agreement of the same name are indicated as the OTC Agreement „1979“ The SPS agreement is closely linked to the agreement on technical barriers to trade, signed the same year and pursuing similar objectives.