Urban Clap Vendor Agreement

In addition to its own training program, the company also collaborates with public bodies such as the National Skills Development Corporation (NSDC). The startup has also reached an agreement with the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development to collaborate in the mobilization, training and certification of service professionals throughout India. Bahl also said that the partnership with UrbanClab had doubled the income of service professionals. Urban Clap Certified Technician refers to Technicians and Specialists certified by Urban Clap to provide services under this agreement. „software,“ a computer program of any kind, owned by urban clap or a third party, provided by download, CD, other media or any other deployment method, including customer and/or network security software. Software components are protected by copyright, trade secrets, unfair competition and other laws. Software includes both urban clap software and third-party software. Your use of the Software is subject to the corresponding agreements, such as. B of a license or user agreement that are attached or associated with the Software, order documents, exhibitions, etc. www.urbanclap.ae and any other site operated, operated, operated or controlled by Urban Clap or its resellers.

Software, materials, services and other related information are collectively referred to as „content.“ However, UrbanClap plans to reduce its activities in these two categories. The company will closely manage and monitor the quality of service on its platform, said co-founder Abhiraj Bhal in an interview with ET. After the shutdown of the laundry service in March of this year, the home start-up UrbanClap Technologies focuses among other things on the provision of high-end services such as beauty, fitness, teaching. 4. System information about the operating system, memory and storage space, proxy configuration. You can opt out of a paid subscription service from `Urban Clap` and request a refund of the amount paid only if no support service is provided by Urban Clap and the refund request has been initiated within 5 days of the subscription date. (The amount of restitution would not include shipping, handling or other taxes, except in certain countries or countries where shipping/handling and taxes are refunded) However, the start-up continues to offer repair services, including plumbers, electricians and other technicians.