Settlement Agreement Means In Arabic

CONTRAT A legally binding agreement between two or more competent parties, orally or in writing. ALTERNATIVE DISPUTE RESOLUTION (ADR) Settlement of a dispute without full formal procedure. Methods include mediation, conciliation, conciliation and billing. In the spirit of conflict mediation, Ul has always been an important means of resolving disputes. In the Middle Ages, qadis was able to ratify an out-of-court settlement obtained by the parties to the trial. [4] It is still common in rural areas, where public judicial systems have little energy. [3] BAR 1. Historically, the division separates the public from the space occupied by judges, lawyers and other parties to the trial. 2. More often, the term means the entire body of lawyers. SLANDER False and defamatory words that tend to damage the reputation of another, the image of the Community, the Office, trade, business or livelihoods. See DEFAMATION.

BOND BAIL An obligation signed by the accused to ensure his presence at trial. This obligation means that the accused may lose money by not presenting himself properly for the trial. It is often a simple borrowing term. SETTLEMENT An agreement between the parties that prescribes what is received from one party to another. ACCORD Mutual understanding and intent between two or more parties. The writing or instrument, which is proof of an agreement. (Although the agreement is often used as a synonym for a contract, the agreement is a broader clause.) In Qur`anic Arabic, the term is used as a term meaning an agreement or settlement of a property dispute and retains this meaning in the later use of Islamic law. In Bedouin customary law, it can mean a settlement of a tribal quarrel, and in modern Arab usage it is applied to treaties, such as versailles. B.- [1] In general, it reflects a sense of conflict resolution through negotiation. Both sides choose respected people to settle the conflict, a ceasefire (Hudna) is declared, a solution is found to preserve the honour and status of both sides and a public ritual is under way.

It is particularly important that the practice confirms the links between groups and not just individuals. [2] It prevents a cycle of revenge. [3] PROBATE The procedure under judicial supervision, in which a will is determined as a definitive statement by the will maker on how the will maker intends to distribute his property. It also confirms the appointment of the personal representative of the estate. The estate also refers to the procedure for collecting assets collected for the payment of debts, taxes and administrative expenses and distributed to those who, in the will, are designated as beneficiaries; and those who are designated as beneficiaries in the will. At the time, the territory was considered non-Muslim territory that had entered into a ceasefire with Muslims and had agreed to protect Muslims and their clients and interests within its borders. This often involved a secondary situation, but modern writings also include friendly countries in Dér a-Ul. However, this particular division has not been recognized by all Muslim jurists and, because of historical changes, these concepts are of little importance today. [5] Summary: This is a settlement agreement for a dispute between the entity and the supplier. The supplier requires an amount; The company refuses to pay due to disputes in factories/products/services. The parties agree to settle the amount to avoid litigation.

(The company and the customer entered into a transaction agreement and dated the release….